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lyrical fan fiction

Lyrical Fiction
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User info gacked and tweaked from lotrips100

Welcome to ringlieder, the weekly LOTR Lyrics challenge.

ringlieder means Ring Songs in German (or so the translator tells us .. actually the translator was wrong. it left of the last 'r'. b.tch. So i made a new comm *g* thank you shirasade)

How it works:

One challenge will be posted every week. They will be posted on Monday (New Zealand Time, so Sunday for the most of you). You will have until the following challenge to post your drabbles.

Fiction requirements:

1. Your piece of fiction must feature actors from The Lord of the Rings. This is not a community for slash only; het and gen are also welcome. As are crossovers.

2. Each challenge consists of a set of lyrics to write your drabble around. You must respect those lyrics, in whatever way you want. Use them all, use a line...Thinking outside the box is, of course, encouraged.

3. Your story may be ANY LENGTH - Drabble to Novel.

4. Please make sure you include a title, rating and pairing for each of your stories. You can put that information in the subject line or in the post itself.

5. If your storie exceeds 200 words or is above a PG-13 rating please put it behind a lj-cut

6. Members are allowed to post up to two stories per challenge. No more, please, out of consideration of our members' friends pages.

It can include the lyrics, mention the song, be inspired by, the character can sing the song, BE CREATIVE. And song!fic's are most definitly aloud allowed.
Questions or suggestions?


Happy Writing!!

(and i recommended downloading every song whose lyric's feature here ^_^)

Past Songs
Placebo - Every me, Every you Muse - Time is running out A Perfect Circle - 3 libras Dido - Take my hand Live - All over you Ben Harper - Please Bleed Brooke Fraser - Better