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Mediocrity in Love Rejected

TITLE: Mediocrity in Love Rejected
AUTHOR: Sarah, whiskeytown
PAIRINGS: Lij/Dom, Lij/OFFC, and Lij/Hannah (yes, as in woodcest, but it's light)
DISCLAIM: don't own, never happened, never will.
NOTE: For the 'All Over You' challenge on ringlieder. Same universe/timeline as 'Great Expectations' and follows 'The Beautiful and the Damned'. Title taken from a random metaphysical poem by Thomas Carew.

She was perfect for him, really. Skinny girl, wide eyed and soft-spoken, wiser than her years, shaking from withdrawal half of the time. Perfect for him. Wore blue jeans and vintage shirts and beat-up trainers all the time, too lazy to dress up, unless asked. Dom hated her really, she was too fucking perfect for Lij and it made him sick, that somebody could be better for him. She went round town, singing, loudly off key her favourite songs singing the wrong words to amuse herself. "Our love is like Walter... ha ha, there love is like a dude." She was rather fond of singing that Live song and she always grinned, having flashbacks of her childhood.

The two were on the roof, smoking Lij's cigarettes pretending to like each other, while secretly being intrigued by each other. "So, are you a friend of Hannah's?"

She looks like a deer caught in headlights and her voice is bitter, "Who's Hannah?" Her green eyes (green like Bill's, Dom thought) were downcast and she frowned.

"Hannah's Elijah's younger sister," Dom had replied, confused. Why wouldn't Elijah's girlfriend know he had a sister, much less one round her own age. Dom had assumed that's how the two met, since the girl and Han were the same age and it would seem that they'd be in the same New York social circle.

"Eli never told me about a sister, I always figured she was an ex, you know. I mean..." She trails off, embarrassed. Her cheeks were flushed. Dom smiled encouragingly, unsure as to what to say. This was definitely an awkward situation.

Elijah walks out, dressed in threadbare jeans only, cigarette poised between his lips. He has a postcard in his hand. Dom recognises it and frowns. "Dom, remember this?" Dom nods. Elijah smiles a bit... "It's my favourite postcard I've ever gotten. I love the picture, it's so beautiful and serene. Hey, why are you two looking so down?"

She falters but then replies, "Nothing much, we're just abusing each other for being strange...." Elijah laughs. Dom smiles a bit and agrees with her. Elijah turns round, back to go inside and the two notice fingernail scratches down his back and a bandage peaking out from the top of his pants. "Eli? Get a new tattoo?"

He stops and half turns, dropping his cigarette from his mouth. "Actually, yeah..." He doesn't expand on the subject more. "Oh, Dom, Billy called you. Mumbled something about porridge and missing you."

Dom thanks him for the message and then asks of what the tattoo is. Lij doesn't answer, so Dom pins him down. And sneaks a peak at it. She asks what she doesn't want to know and Dom won't give her an answer. "I've often tried to hold the sea, the sun, the fields, the tide.... It doesn't work."

Dom stands up, pulling Lij up with him. She has tears streaming down her face and Dom feels so sorry for her. She storms to the door and leaves the roof. Elijah shrugs to Dom and whispers, "Our love is no other," referring to Hannah. Dom frowns and tells him he's a fool before leaving. Elijah sighs and pulls out a cigarette from the discarded pack before sitting down on the roof, humming to himself.

Our love is like angels
Pinned down and abused, he he hey!
All over you, all over me the sun, the fields, the sky
I've often tried to hold the sea, the sun, the fields, the tide
Pay me now, lay me down
Pay me now, pay me now
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