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The Beautiful and the Damned

TITLE: The Beautiful and the Damned
AUTHOR: Sarah, whiskeytown
PAIRING: Billy/Dom, ref. to Dom/Lij
DISCLAIM: don't own, never happened, never will.
NOTE: For the 'Take My Hand' challenge on ringlieder. Same universe/timeline as 'Great Expectations'.

Blanc et noir (white and black). Postcard found in a little shop, selling candy and drugs. He bought it, that time when he was cold and high, shivering. Withdrawal. It was beautiful. Taken by the Seine, of a lost little girl, crying. It was beautiful, it made him cold and he hope it would do the same to its recipient, he prayed it would break Elijah's heart, like it broke his the way Lij broke it.

He went back to the hotel, back to a drunk and sleepy Billy, back to his fags and cold balconies. Found a pen, 'So, sit on top of the world and tell me how you're feeling... I'll always be alone, if I'm lying to you' scribbled on the postcard and an address, New York, New York.

Billy stopped him on his way out to drop the card in the post, 'What you feel is what I feel for you.'

He wanted to say something to Billy, something along the lines of 'Give your trust to me and look into my heart' but he didn't. He just walked out of the room, back to the cold Parisian day and back to his miserable pining existence.
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