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Great Expectations

TITLE: Great Expectations
AUTHOR: Sarah, whiskeytown
PAIRING: Billy/Dom (somewhat)
DISCLAIM: don't own, never happened, never will.
NOTE: Erm, it's just a drabble and I hope it's allright, it's my first time taking up a challenge. For the '3 Libras' challenge.

Here I am expecting just a little bit
Too much from the wounded

Fag delicately poised between two fingers, lifted towards cinnamon lips. Inhale, exhale. Another drag and smoke rings flutter from his lips. Billy is mesmerised, watching Dom smoke on the hotel balcony. Paris in the springtime (almost, maybe, it's just February, frigid and grey). Sipping tea, Billy waits for Dom to come inside from the cold, from his solitude, from his thoughts. He hums to himself, expectantly, the soft melody soon turns to the Jeopardy song, waiting. The door slides open and Dom walks in, tears streaming down his alabaster face, past the Scot and out the hotel door to the corridor. Billy sighs, lets his tea turn cold and goes to bed, hoping Dom will come in at a decent time.

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